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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

All I want for Christmas is my job!!

I almost got fired over the holidays!

Five days before Christmas this frequent customer to the restaurant I work for asked me for all the names of the wait staff, cooks and dishwashers as he and his wife had a little Christmas surprise in mind for all of us.

I did exactly what he asked me to do and passed along all the names of my co-workers so he and his wife could prepare the surprise.

Two days before Christmas he and his wife entered the restaurant with giant trays of cookies. All different colours and different kinds.

He asked me to tag a note to the trays to let the staff know it was for them. He also gave us a card with each staff member's name written there in, expressing he and his wife's gratitude to all of us who served them, cooked for them and washed their dishes throughout the past year.How giddy we were looking over these treats.

My manager walked in with a quizzical look on her face so I explained that the couple had treated her staff with cookies for Christmas.

I returned to work at 6:00 am December 27th completely oblivious to the turmoil the cookies and my note had created.(The manager recognised my hand writing)

My manager was miffed that neither she nor the owners were given any cookies. Two of my co-workers advised me that the owner himself wanted to fire me over this.

Well I'm still employed. For now. Good grief.

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